Legion: Wait.. just a minute... I want to stop you right there. Can you go back to that, what you were saying before? That’s exactly where I want you to be: Can you tell us a little about people’s reactions? We understand this to have been really frightening. Did you see... ah... were there people around who... ah... did you see how emotional people were? Were people running around and... ah... were they upset? Did you see this?

Student 1: Yeah, yeah, we were all really blown awa – ah... yeah. We were upset. We’re trying to find our RA... she was... um... we’re in Norris?

Student 2: We haven’t heard from her since this started?

Legion: That must be horrifying. Not to have heard from... your... who? How horrified are you right now?

Student 1: Well, we’ve been trying to call Kathy... we’re kind of numb... we’re freshmen...

Legion: We understand some counseling has been set up for you guys somewhere. Somewhere on campus. Where you can go. Do you guys think you need counseling? I think I would need some counseling, if I were you. I don’t know about you, but I’d be horrified. I’m just so saddened.

Student 2: Can I use your phone to call my mom?

Legion: Hold on! Hold on! Wait just a minute while we run that ireport 37 times in a row. Please – guys, please just be quiet for a minute so we can hear the gunshots in this tape.... We understand that these gunshots came from inside Norris... do you guys think maybe one of these gunshots – here, you can use my headphones – one of these EXACT GUNSHOTS could have been the one that killed your... who did you say?

Student 2: Seriously, can I use your phone? For just a sec?