It is now time for me to turn the TV off entirely, as I was just treated to a pan and closeup of A FUCKING PUDDLE OF BLOOD ON A SIDEWALK. 


Thank you, CNN, for "reminding" me about what happens when someone dies from BEING SHOT.*


If you died from being shot and you bled on the sidewalk, how would you feel about a puddle of your blood being broadcast on CNN?  In case you need some help with your feelings while you are imagining something so unimaginable, please seek counseling.  We understand counseling is for people like you.



*They've been using the word "remind" all day so far, when they do a recap.  As in, "Let's just take a moment to remind our viewers about the news we're covering here in Virginia," and I think I need to speak with whoever's in charge of rhetoric & banter at CNN because that person should probably be shot. 


A Tonic for Kate (at this point)