I don't know if you saw this, but on CNN last night Wolf Blitzpants interviewed THE PALESTINIAN student who IS FROM A PROMINENT FAMILY IN PALESTINE and who shot the gunshot footage on his cellphone. 


WB:  "So, Jamalsies, we understand you were outside Norris, where 33 people including the gunman were shot this morning and the gunman shot himself police say, and this happened two hours after an incident that police are saying was a domestic incident and possibly unrelated where two other people were shot but the school decided not to lock down the campus and emails were sent but not everyone got the email because they're working on a new system that's really for weather emergencies like tornadoes and what have you, and the door to Norris was evidently chained, and I'm going to ask you about that in a minute, but right now I want to know how you felt when you were standing there, recording the carnage on your cellphone camera, and how you feel now knowing, as you must, that the 27 shots counted on your footage were shot by the gunman, who is now dead by his own hand according to Chief Flinchum, who refuses to say whether the gunman is related in any way whatsoever to the Person of Interest from the first, allegedly 'domestic' incident, after which the school decided (and this is becoming quite controversial) not to lockdown the campus?


Jamal Albarghouti:  Hey, thanks for counting the number of gunshots, Wolf!  I didn't think to do that!*


*Actual quote.