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A true intellectual does not prefer American wine. If you prefer American wine and consider yourself an intellectual, you are mistaken. Prove me wrong and I will give you $100 via PayPal.




92 Caymus Conundrum
Lemon, grass, but not lemon grass. Medium body. The producer cleverly does not tell you what 4 grapes are used. How delightful. Anyway, it has an all Riesling nose and a good amount of fruit. It’s very easy to drink, but without much for the little gray cells to work with. 8/99

94 Caymus Conundrum
Nice, pleasant. Fairly balanced. Drink now ?beginning to fade at 7 yrrs



Sauvignon Blanc

94 Hidden Cellars
They should have stayed hidden. Tastes like grape-water. Had it with a tuna croquette and goat cheese sauce. Remind me never to use (dry) goat cheese in a sauce. I’m stupid. 5/97

93 Ferari-Carano
A little on the dry and acidic side, but it’s actually not so bad. 6/01




01 Thomas Fogerty Gewurztraminer

Not bad. Good solid gewurz flavor. Slightly acidic but not too much so. Worth $16. 5/04




 Cabernet Sauvignon


70 BV La Tour
Full-bodied after all these years. Strong nose. Fairly compelling. Overall, it was an interesting wine. Flavor of Prince Charles’ childhood riding boots. 12/98

91 Guenoc
It was drinkable. That night we had buffalo braised in red wine with squash and green beans. $9 2/96

95 Joseph Phelps
Very pleasant, plenty of fruit up front. Somewhat one dimensional. Just the strong cab flavor with nothing else going on. $20 12/98

97 Mondavi Oakville
Great. Full. Lots of flavor. Nice young Napa cab. Bla. $45 12/00

90 Sterling Vineyards
Big cab nose, lots of tannins, strong but one dimensional flavor. On the whole, worth the price, but not a bargain at $20. 8/99



Pinot Noir



03 Lockwood

Good flavor. Pretty good. Maybe worth getting more at this price. Oop, they’re out. $24 9/06


03 Leaping Lizard

Okay. $20 9/06


01 Arcadian Sleepy Hollow


“The light ruby-colored 2001 Pinot Noir Sleepy Hollow Vineyard offers pleasant scents of currants, cherries, strawberries, and loamy soil. Medium-bodied, delicate, clean, and pure, it is made in a light, but well-made style that requires consumption over the next 2-3 years. 87 pts (not good)” – Robert Parker


Bullshit. It’s way too acidic. And otherwise totally not worth its price of $36 (worth $18). 9/06


03 Bethel Heights Pinot Noir

Strong, dark fruit. Sharp. Crisp. Black fruit. Fine. Might increase in value if you let it relax a few years. (Cost $29, worth $25) 9/06




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