Iím just new into milk, so this is just a beginning.


I have always been a great consumer of milk. But without thinking. Without knowing. I grew out of 2% then back into it, then out of it again. Depends on whether I was anorexic or what. But that wasnít about the milk, that was about me. Now itís about the milk. Because now I have had my eyes opened by the unceasing existence of others with their opinions and beliefs, different from mine, and yet equally alive, and perhaps as potent. Because here they are:


Question from girl on OKC. Bxcat lives in Brooklyn, NY. Drinks milk. Cares about milk. May care about other things, should we ask her? For now. Here is her opinion, to which I succumb willingly, because as I say, resistance is ultimately, futile. A man simply does not argue with women about milk.


How do you feel about almond milk?
There are certain cereals that produce better taste with specific milk pairings. Such as..
Corn Flakes + soy
Grape Nuts + almond or soy
Cheerios + ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Frosted flakes + cow
Cinnamon toast crunch + oj (don't judge)

Hmm, i don't do rice milk very often. I'll take note and switch when i get progressively older.


Now we can see bxcat is obviously insane. OJ? Anyway. Her reference to aging is to do with my previous comment to her about myself aging and the merits, or should I say, helpfulness, of Rice Milk.



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