Hey, can you imagine how crazy college would have been with MySpace? Even just cell phones? I feel like we existed in some early dawn of telnet and chat and fingering. Not having any cell phones on campus made things quite serendipitous. Youíd just hang around someplace and run into people and randomly find things to do or have long conversations. I miss that very much. Now you can just call on campus and find anybody whenever. No more, oh Iíll just sit on Chapin beach and see who comes by, maybe this person Iím looking for will come by. No more letís wander around on a Saturday night and see who we run into and see whatís going on. Now itís all about making plans to meet certain people for lunch and dinner and parties, etc. It seems so much more forced. I feel like everything happened so naturally on campus. Maybe Iím just looking back with rose-colored glasses. But seriously, even during our last reunion (when they finally had the cell tower up and running) it was kind of weird, because you could just call people and make arrangements. It was like being in New York on a weekend and calling your friends and making plans.