The Truth About Cheese - Who Is Reading This Page

The following are some examples of search strings used to access the The Truth About Cheese. First, there are the people with the important questions do you make cheese?&kl=XX&pg=q&Translate=on&search.x=7&, Melting Point&s does cheese constipate people%3F&kl=XX&pg=q&Translate=o is on the other side of the moon&kl=XX&styp come we can%27t see the back side of the moon%3F&origi

As for our readers, our site has some of the most intelligent cheese&user=yahoo"cheese in a can"&hc=0&hs=0 [.wav]""grape cheese"&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&start=10&sa=N
And paranoid of cheese eating&kl=XX&pg=q&Translate=on and problems&kl=XX&pg=q&Translate=on in raw milk cheese&fs=web&to=twenty&p=1&br

lithuania near the balkan seas. (btw, it's listeria) in cheese&kl=en&pg=q&Translate=on&search.x=25&se

somebody save me, from the micrococci, in my mind. can happen from eating moldy cheese?&hl=en&lr=&safe=off

And downright sensible cheese&kl=XX&pg=q&Translate=on Cheese&kl=XX&stype= light&kl=en&pg=q&Translate=on&search.x=22&search.y=9 buried &sa=Google Search

And then of course, we do get some others... am the cheese&hc=0&hs=1"I am the real Anastasia"&hl=en&safe=off unexamined life%22&kl=XX&stype=stext besides%22&kl=XX&pg=q&Translate=on

That's hilarious. Who the hell gets on a search engine and just types "and besides"? That person deserves a medal.