An Unpunctuated Open Letter

come hear Animal Mother read Chaucer this Thursday at 7 pm, at the Bookstop. all late comers will be shot full of holes and filled full of lead.
...people have always been drawn to men who possess a lot of self-awareness and wit. i bet even if he did look like studs turkel, people would still want him. in fact, the uglier the better. i'm just wondering what's up w/ all this. and where does t.s. eliot fit in? and faulkner and i don't even know what gabriel garcia-marquez looked like.

the problem, and I know dave eggers beats himself up over this every day, is that the first-person style makes it impossible to separate the personality from the writing. if it is a problem. the truth is anyway i've never actually even read a sedaris book i'm so full of shit.

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