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Scribble scribble jot. Scribble scribble jot jot.
Hearbreaking and All, June 22, 2001
Reviewer: J.D. Salinger
“The minute I went in, I was sort of sorry I'd come. He was reading the
Atlantic Monthly, and there were pills and medicine all over the place, and everything smelled like Vicks Nose Drops. It was pretty depressing. I'm not too crazy about sick people, anyway. What made it even more depressing, old Spencer had on this very sad, ratty old bathrobe that he was probably born in or something. I don't much like to see old guys in their pajamas and bathrobes anyway. Their bumpy old chests are always showing. And their legs. Old guys' legs, at beaches and places, always look so white and unhairy.”

I only wish..., May 2, 2001, 1999
Reviewer: Meagan (see more about me)
I only wish that I could express myself as precisely and accurately as does Eggers in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Or at least sleep with someone who can. —This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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