I often wonder this sort of thing about music. If I was alive in the
late 60s would I have been going to Velvet Underground shows (cool)?
Or would I have been into Post-Beatles commercial hippie fashion and
related music (mainstream cheese)?
Would I have known BB King, or just
Janis Joplin?

Nostalgia is justified when you lived through an era. I'm not sure
that we -- who live now and didn't experience de-segregation, the
a-bomb, the Cold War firsthand, life before mass-television hysteria,
etc. -- can feel quite homesick for the time about which Borges is
writing. Really. OR any other time we did not live through.

We are allowed to feel homesick for pieces of the past that existed in
our lives I guess... I think I need to write something about
nostalgia. I need to explore this further. And someone needs to create
a word that means nostalgia for a place or time you never experienced
firsthand. Something more specific than "nostalgia."