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Mine Is $200

proof of a black and white time
A girl likes Dave Eggers because she is of a certain intelligence.
From the inter net:

I am in love with Dave Eggers. His perfection destroys me.

just read the damn book as a work of literature and stop feeling jealous that you did not write it first

My question is this: how will he ever top that title for his next book?

does anyone know where i can contact dave eggers? either through email or snail mail, or does anyone have information about his tour dates. i need info asap if at all possible thanks so much

I only wish that I could express myself as precisely and accurately as Eggers does in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. At least sleep with someone who can. This text refers to the Paperback edition.
Another girl thinks Dave Eggers is a fad because she is of a certain higher intelligence. And so you think the second girl is great and so on.1 But then you find out this girl has a the same autonomic devotion to a certain Anthony Lane.
i can't really comment, as i still haven't read the lane piece. but any reviewer who will willingly mention that he has ever heard of "police academy 4" gets points from me.

the man is funny. he thinks about how people consume movies, rather than of movies as discrete art objects. he cares more about the practice of "caddyshack" watching than the production of "caddyshack," viz. auteur theory or whathaveyou. i could send him my rosemary's baby paper and i bet he would like it. he is everything i dream of being and more. i bet he has an american studies degree from a better program than mine.

for this, i hate him.
So here we have the same thing, only girl two is slightly more discerning than girl one. Me? I don't care about Dave Eggers or Anthony Lane. But I really hate Mark Twain. Hate him, hate him, hate him.
1 'And so on' /and-soh-on/ Am. (trans) and also is surely getting a PhD in some important field and who has probably no less than sixteen times as many books as I do.

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