Assert \e-'sert, a-\ vt [L assertus, pp. Of asserere, fr. Ad- + serere to join - more at SERIES] (1604) 1 : to state or declare positively and often forcefully or aggressively 2 : a to demonstrate the existence of <~his manhood - James Joyce> b : POSIT, POSTULATE syn ASSERT, DECLARE, AFFIRM, PROTEST, AVOW mean to state positively usu. in anticipation of denial or objection. ASSERT implies stating confidently without need for proof or regard for evidence; DECLARE stresses open or public statement; AFFIRM implies conviction based on evidence, experience, or faith; PROTEST emphasizes affirming in the face of denial or doubt; AVOW stresses frank declaration and acknowledgment of personal responsibility for what is declared. syn see in addition MAINTAIN