I or someone else qualified will do the acting for this piece. It will be funny, and get the point across, surely.

pic of fancy mega expensive young bordeaux.

[So you just bought your FMEYB and youíre just so happy arenít you?]

pic of happy face

[I bet you just want to drink that all up right now donít you?]

pic of looking away like Ďooo, busted, I totally was. Why canít I?í

[But you canít drink that now. youíve got to cellar that for a long timeólike, until youíre almost dead.]

pic of cradling bottle, turning away w/ mean frowny face like 5 yr old saying Ďmineí

[Come on now, you know itís way too soon. It would be wrong.]

face of acceptance, eyes closed, nodding up/down

[Hey, wait, Iíve got an idea! Donít you have one of those wine mosquitos?]

face of joy

[But where is it?]

face of wait, where the hell is it

[the top shelf?]

pic showing face about to start looking over toward the shelf and mouthing Ďthatís right!í

[Well what are we waiting for?]

pic showing quick head shake eyebrows slightly raised (face of beats #$%&@'n me)

[Well letís do it.]

pic showing mosquito in bottle on rack

pic showing wine in glass

pic showing empty glass

[That was good wasnít it.]

pic of satisfaction, maybe smoking cigarette (ha ha)

[Now letís put it back in the cellar.]

face of WTF you crazy? no way, Iím drinking it all now

[Come on now.]

face of reluctant okay.

[There you go.]

pic of putting bottle in cellar again.

[Nighty night.]