The exit poll

Question One: Did this site make any sense to you?
  1. yes
  2. no
If you answered no, then skip to question three.

Question Two: Okay smarty, a wine mosquito is
  1. A mosquito that survives by nourishing itself solely on cabernet-based wines. Yes, itís amazing.
  2. A mosquito that actually hates the taste of blood and whines relentlessly whenever itís about to feed.
  3. Itíll never work, youíre full of #$%&@.
  4. Itíll never work, youíre full of #$%&@, give me one though.
Question Three: Why did you answer Ďnoí? Oh, actually, waitóno, nevermind. Forget it. Okay, no, waitówhat if I had a marquee tab? Does this help?