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88 Roberto Mazzi et Figli Punta del Villa
Good. Solid flavor. A little bit of barnyard. Tannins still seem a little strong but thereís enough body and fruit to handle it. Better in a few years? 1/05
(2) Still very tight and tannic.
Great but try again in 5+ 7/06

90 Roberto Mazzi et Figli Punta del Villa
Fabulous, fruity nose. It still seems very young at this point. The tannins were noticeable, but much more mellowed after many hours of O2. The fruit was plentiful and the finish was impressive. I believe this wine will be excellent in a few years. Iím trying to fit the Amarone flavor to the Ďappassimentoí process by which itís made. $38 1/99

(2) Too young. My mistake. Try again from 2004 to 2010. $40 5/00

(3) Good. Seems like could still go another 5+ without much trouble. $38 (worth $45) 9/05


90 Tommassi Amarone
I donít like to use the term barnyard willy nilly. But this wine tastes like a barnyard willy nilly if Iíve ever tasted one. This may be good for some, while others may be put off by the potent, distinct (perhaps bizarre) flavor. In other news, the wine does have the requisite body and finish. Itís certainly a memorable experience, although I would invest in other examples of Amarone. $38 1/99

90 Bertani Amarone
I got it in Italy for only $35, and I had to drink it on the spot, so donít freak out (about the ďyouth of the beastĒ thing). Classic Amarone. Very rich and earthy. And guess what? Itís really not ready and needs maybe another 10 or so. 2/01

93 Allegrini Amarone
Itís got the typical rustic nose of leather, tobacco, tar, etc. Round and flavorful with fairly good mouthfeel, perhaps it could be a little more harmonious. Unlike the 90 Mazzi Amarone (see above), which made you wait all night before revealing itself, the 93 Allegrini seems almost like a dirty littleódirty but delicious. Priced appropriately at $30. (now to 2005) 9/99

(2) HUGE. Good solid Amarone flavor. Probably would have been best at 2010. $30 3/03





88 Quintarelli
It was okay. No complexity, little body. 200 proof nose. Iím not sure what else can be said about this wine. $18 12/96


90 Quintarelli Ca del Merlo

Bit of chocolate on the nose. Nice, solid flavor through and through. Not a day too old. Balance not extraordinary. Just good. 12/04



Other Veneto

90 Quintarelli Ca del Merlo (head of the blackbird)
Good stuff. Amarone-like nose, but with the energy of cabernet (I assume it has cabernet) forming very complex flavors, which are hard to pinpoint and changing over time. A good body and tangy finish with a hint of bay leaves. The tannins are appropriate. Best now - 2005. $27 (worth $37) 10/99

(2) Tannins and acidity dominated. The feral child from The Road Warrior. Lots of fruit. Negrar, though I donít know what it means, seems like an appropriate word to be written on the top of this bottle. Of course, we had it next to a kinder, gentler Napa Cab, so maybe we should have declared a mistrial. More tame the next day. $27 (worth $23) 12/00


00 Allegrini La Grola
Very good.
Good fruit. Medium body. Worth $20 easily. 10/04

00 Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre

How this can be distinguished from their other (ďLa GrolaĒ) is lost on me. Itís totally worth the $22 though. Good solid flavor.Nothing subtle or sophisticated, but just solid ruby flavor. 6/05

Prosecco ďIlĒ NV

Official: If a wine has the colour of topaz, an intoxicating bouquet, a mischievous sapidity and is already unforgettable after the first taste, one is most surely talking about the Prosecco of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene.


Ha. Piece of crap. No, just kidding. Iím sure thereís better Prosecco. But for $10, Iíd rather just have a giant bottle of Chimay.


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