92 LBV Fonseca
No mid-palate. Hot and unpleasant finish. When a wine is too tannic, you can breath it or swish it around to get some relief. When a wine is lacking in concentration, you can still quaff it without a problem. But when a port tastes bad, forget it. You can't do a damn thing about it. However, it did become much more agreeable the second day on. Hmm. $16 Candle wax flavor / not that sweet / 5/99

Taylor Fladgate 10 year old tawny
Good port. More on this later. 11/98
(2) Good again. Similar? I don't remember that far back. 9/05
77 Colheita - Porto Roccha
Actually, quite sweet although GPA says he doesnít think this type of port should be _this_ sweet or something - hold this thought until I have a clue about port. $15 375ml 11/98

85 Vintage - Porto Roccha Very nice. A bit more dry, very strong. I still donít know what iím supposed to be judging here. pretty good though and remained so for the month until it was no more. $20 12/98

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