but i love how you (i'm assuming it's you) are just like, 'fuck it, i'm recording you whether you like it or not'. whatever you gots to do for material.

“Perhaps preserving remnants of the past and drawing them into new temporal associations is all that is necessary for instructive dialogue; perhaps not.”

— Hannah Feldman

The following conversations were originally recorded in 1986 in Houston. Since that time, Will and Tim slowly drifted apart. Tim moved back to Montreal to start a chain of Indo-French fast food restaurants. Will went to Maine to work in a lobster processing plant. There he measured out the remainder of his days by the cold of the Atlantic. Broke, ill and under a pile of half-hollowed lobster shells, Will remembers his time in Houston in the summer of ’86. He finds the tapes of those old days back in Texas. He does a series of flash projects using them—a fitting homage to his friend and their time together in the studio of the south.
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