Why Are Guys Always Quoting Things?

How to tie a shoelace, a great goal, internet porn-these are things words often fail to describe. Nonetheless, a well-chosen word can convey a lot of information and provide phonetic pleasure to boot. Likewise, a good phrase or line from a script can summon the implications of its original context again providing both insight and pleasure. And although it’s better if somebody actually gets it, you certainly wouldn’t want everyone to get it. Then it wouldn’t be art. An example would be using Monty Python’s clever derogatory terms to describe you and your friends. “Mindless, non-creative garbage,” “stupid git,” and “ malodorous pervert“ would all describe your friends adequately. With practice, you learn to modify your quotes to fit any situation. And remember, the larger the contextual gap, the higher the payoff, that is, when it works. Here’s an example to help get you started. When you’re at a party and Johnny is making fun of you, substitute ‘Johnny’ for ‘Fuzzball’ and say, ‘Laugh it up, Johnny-ball’ in your best Harrison Ford voice. Tres Drole. Misuse and overuse of quotes will make you unpopular.

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