Products I Endorse

Plantronics 510 Bluetooth Headset
I can vouch for this. It totally works. And has done so ever since I bought it. No problems. Good sound. Good battery life. It works fine.

Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V5 (or V7)
Oh, Iíve tried them all over the years.
From Bic to Paper Mate and more,
I have known them all.
From the grips that promised to not let go
To uniballs that somehow always seemed to know,
There were eleven others ready to go.
I have held the precious gels that click and flowed,
Until they stopped.
And after all the tea and cakes and ices,
The departures of a thousand other new devices.
Would it have been worth it after all,
If the pilot had shown me a rolling ball?
It would.

Verbatim Blank CDís
Stylish, retro. Always cool. By itself, orange is the best. But the variety colors can be good for purposeful color coordinating. For example, if you give someone four burned CDís from one particular artist, and you want them to easily distinguish among them. Because otherwise, how would they?

CD Cases (Jewel Cases)
What about slim jewel cases? In a word, no. In three more words, no, no, no. Used to be cool. Now theyíre not. They just break. Clear? No. Colored? No. Just get standard regular, full-sized black CD cases (Memorex and Belkin are widely available and reliable). You should also always have some double disc cases on hand as well for those two CD sets. Nothing so gauche as two CDís labeled one and two when a 2-CD case could have done instead.

Glide Floss
This is the only dental floss anyone should use. "None of your blood caked on the walls, incommoding the passers by with this one. My life has been leading up to this."

Cuticle Scissors
Talk about donít leave home without them. More like donít even leave the room without them. These could be the single most important items in my terrorist arsenal.

The search for good soft foam ear plugs ends now. Not too hard. Not too soft. Just right. I hope you will agree.

Opcon A
For itchy eyes, the shit works.

Dove Face Cream
The delightful opaque glass jars make the perfect addition to any sinktop. Comes in two choices of top, a beautiful mint green (sensitive skin) or stately blue (normal skin).

Sonicare Elite 7500 Power Toothbrush
Oh my. This is new technology. You canít live without.

Box in Your Car
This isnít really a product, but everyone should have cardboard box in the back seat of their car. You can put into it whatever bits of trash you accumulate along lifeís journey and then empty it periodically. This will free up space in your car for clothes, the wrong CD cases, a useless canadian nickel, receipts.

Regular Vaseline
It just doesnít get any more advanced than the original vaówait a minute...
Green indicates auctions in which you are currently winning.
Red indicates auctions in which you are not currently winning.
Note: Dutch auctions do not use the red or green color coding. What were you thinking, man?

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