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The Best Episodes From Season One
Here are the must-see Powerpuff Girls episodes rated a five point scale.

Bubblevicious (5.0) Music and style. [CMC pick] [Hardcore] [Out]
Boogie Frights (4.5) Script and style. [CMC pick] [Fashionably Late]
Uh Oh Dy.Na.Mo (4.5) Music and Style [ pick] [All right Tokyo Townsville!]
Mommy Fearest (4.0) Script and style
Monkey See, Doggie Do (4.0) Script [CMC pick]
Mime For A Change (4.0) That song
Powerpuff Bluff (4.0) Put down that Priceless Porcelain Pony You Punk
Telephonies (3.5) For the showcasing of villains, especially Him [Hello Girls]

The Videos Are Here
Has Bubblevicious along with Uh-Oh-Dynamo, Powerpuff Bluff.

Down 'N' Dirty
Finally, the marketing people have gotten off their [children's site] and put together some videos from the second season.

The Mane Event
This DVD apparently has a lot of bonus material and a couple of shows that weren't previously released on T.V.

Meet the Beat-Alls
This DVD will be out soon enough. It promises to be good. It promised me it would be good.

One Righteous Dude
From a 1999 interview with Craig McCracken, creator of the Power Puff Girls

The man understands timeless!

Reporter: Are the girls growing up in the show?

Craig McCracken: No. I'm a firm believer that cartoon characters should be timeless. If they age it makes them too real. And by making them older you lose what was appealing about them in the first place. Also I'd be really creeped out to see adults with no fingers.

The Man Understands Music

Music played a large part in the success of Dexter's Laboratory (hence the release of a musical CD!!!) and Powerpuff Girls is expected to take advantage of it as well, "We've actually done a song already for the show, but animation and filmmaking is just a musical art form anyway, it's all based on rhythm and timing and movement so music is just there to support it in the long run. Music is going to be a key part of it because its an action show and when you see action sequences and fighting sequences and saving the day sequences you want to feel that energy! Music is a giant part of the show. I hope to do more... the stuff we did on Dexter's I'm really happy with."

Reporter: What is the Powerpuff Girls' last name?

Craig McCracken: They don't have one. It's another cartoon character thing. It's like what is Calvin's last name or Popeye's I wouldn't want to know.

You tell 'em Craig!

“Oh, no. As the man once said, I have some suppositions but no facts. I prefer to live with the questions.” Chuck Jones

Now that’s what I'm talkin’ 'bout!

Reporter: The storyboards are drawn freehand, of course, but the circles in the professional art pieces and animations are too regular to have been done manually. Do the animators just use computers to draw the entire PPG cartoon?

Craig McCracken: Nope, It's all done by hand, pencil on paper, inked and painted on cels. This is a very old school production.

Craig McCracken: “...And in the case of HIM he dosen't steal or want power he just likes to screw with the girls and test their limits. He's a lot like "Q" on the [Star Trek] Next Generation in that respect. I really like the Him shows and I want to do more it's just don't want to repeat the same thing over and over again. I want to have his psychological torture of the girls to be different everytime. But don't worry we've got some great stuff with him coming up in the future.”

This is what I want to hear! Him is definitely the most interesting villain on the the show.

Oh, Snake Beast...

From a news article I saw:
And there are other types of fan creativity. McCracken recently encountered a fan selling homemade Pez dispensers sporting the likenesses of the Girls. "I suppose I should have been upset about it," he says with a laugh. "But I wasn't. I bought some. I just had to have them."
Ha...We'll see if that attitude changes...

Powerpuff Girls Stuff

Good Powerpuff Pages
These are some good Powerpuff pages I've seen on the net as of 9/99
    This is the other important Powerpuff site. It's a bit commercialized, but it has interviews and a lot of up to date information about the show.

  • PPG World
    This is a good site too.

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