Lines and More Lines


My name is, I forget my name
But touch my microchip the same.
Love gets cheaper every day.
In Sweden now they just say, 'hey'.

Sea Foam

sea foam
head hunter
I am a race car driver.

A Vampire's Life

I've always dreamed of a vampire's life
Breakfast food for breakfast
Blood at night.


The Most Fun Ever


I had the most fun ever.

You will never have as much fun as I just had.

So suckit.


Here is a line I haven't changed once, but
this one I fear I'm not sure about, while
this one indeed leaves no room for doubt.
This line's a little slut.
This line resists the tendency to follow in an easily identifiable way from the line which preceded it. J'espere.
This line can go to hell for all I care.

More Lines

A life of solitude I choose
No single friend have I to lose.

A life of crime appeals to me
If it won't pay, I'll steal for free.

A piece of camembert for me
And if you're out, then I'll have brie.

Two young hens and a wise old bat
What good could ever come of that!


Skinny people can get fat.
Fat people can get skinny.
But will they?


Feminism begins in the home.
Charity begins in someone else home.
Cartesian Dualism? Never heard of it.

Call Me A Weed

Call me a weed
Cause itís stupid.
Call me a weed.
You weed.

I beat my wife until she died

I beat my wife and when she died,
I kicked her carcass, cold inside.
Your little horse won't think it fair,
But I'm going to Heaven in my underwear.


What you have just said makes instant sense. I abandon my theory. Ravish me. Ravish me now. A poem to celebrate:

as good as they can be.


Every poem I have written
Because I had to.