A Blog About You


Youíre fun loving. You like animals. Love small children. Thatís why you have seventeen of them. You never use flowers to gain undue influence. You like beaches. You hate washed-up jellyfish on beaches. You try not to get too political except for that one time you poisoned that foreign minister of finance. Oh my. You traded in your hybrid for an H3 because youíre the real trendsetter. You ate your pet ostrich. Youíre well educated but you know your education can only take you so far. You like popcorn. And you should have entered beauty contests. Because you are beautiful. You would go fishing. You never take sides when two squirrels are fighting. Youíve shaken hands with the Pope. You help old ladies. You know how to work a hot air balloon. You did not learn Sanskrit. Or say that you did. Youíve eaten at Whataburger. You call your computer monitor a TV to amuse your children. Your name is Jan Streeter. You live in Arkansas. Your phone number is 417-522-6709.