Incongruency is the mini-mental derailment,

That gives you pause.

Like when you see a big 18-wheeler cab without its trailer—on.


When things are dropped, yet make no noise,

Like fresh blueberries in yogurt or falling tissue. Slowly.

Or when toddler meets ground—that moment of utter silence,

Before he realizes. When any item of a certain mass

Like a metal spoon, or axe—is thrown straight upward


And doesn’t come down

A moment of tension

When it doesn’t come down

Challenged, your understanding.

Refreshing and humbling, like nature

Or Shakespeare.

Strong enough for a man

But made for a woman.


Another cool (and incongruous) thing is television without sound

Yes. We all thought of this 1st.


Actually, your dad ♂ planted the seed early on  when he would watch The game, but listen on the radio. T’were rather a novel idea back when. And this was all happening about the time peanut had just asked chocolate On their second date ڡ. God your parents are old. They probably knew George Washington Carver.


And finally, we have my own personal number one reason for living, Which is a clear and sunny day with rain.