John Knoepfle

Farmer and the Owl

farmer said to this owl he caught
okay you skinny prophet
lets see how you light up the dark
theres your tailfeathers
diddled in kersoene
and struck to hells fire with my match
owl fussed and flared in the yard
screeched hoo hoo   hoo hoo hoo
o god of all owls stiffen my bones with manganese
and you you son of a kansas fathead
bawl out loud when you see my revelations
here I go and haylofts to the last of me
o my virginal owlsoul
may you rise with a pure blue flame
from the ashes of this barn tonight
farmer watched his barn burn down
birdshit he said birdshit
dirty pious birdshit birdshit

Pop Quiz

The best phrase has to be:

a) diddled in kerosene
b) son of a kansas fathead
c) dirty pious birdshit
d) perhaps in another poem


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