Assorted Personal Websites
These are sites by individuals who I have deemed artistic:

Rudy Foolish
Sink that.

Dusty Artwork
My future non-bible hero.

Angela Martini
Another awesome illustrator/artist.

Is cool.

Is cool.

JD Saenz
Is cool.

W-Rabbit Dumb Stuff
There is a normal graphics design company called W Rabbit. On their web site, hidden in the corner, there is a tiny little link. It leads down a hole, and emerges in a place called 'Dumb Stuff', which is anything but. A wonderful parody of itself and you.
Interesting site of the infamous Bob Hsiung, band member, flash programmer, extraordinary Chinese gentleman.

Livejournal Jaromil
Says he is the clock maker. That he is. That he is.

I just stumbled across this weblog the usual way, by typing in names of people I used to know. Anyway, it looks good. The front logo is cool, and the one minute I spent reading it made me want to link it. What are you going to do about that?

Black Jelly
Seems interesting. Dude has a link to Kliban, which is instant cred. Also has funny bit on Japanese street fashion. I'll check more of the site out when I have time. I agree with this.

Quiet Time
Haven't had time to really look at yet, but highly recommended by someone I barely know.

Julias Insano Page
Any site with prominent links to mine is obviously by one smart web mistress.

The Carbon Based Mistake
This site is difficult to classify, but it looks good/cool from what I've seen. Used to have a link to me.

Getting dildos to the proper temperature.

Some Site
This person has the gift of style and taste. Rare. Tongue. She has many interesting fonts and wears them well. Like one of those great girls that doesn't need anything. She could just as well be one of the boys, but she's a girl, a girl who isn't afraid of B-movies. She is a poet who once stopped for a moment. She uses the internet a lot, but isn't used by it. She is Orson Welles' great grand daughter wielding the teloscopic text. To her, it does not feel heavy. Fall into her site, on me.

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