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artist's rendition of what Tyler Sage might look like in fifteen years
Where the hell is Tyler Sage? You let me worry about who he is, and you just concentrate on finding him. Tyler K. Sage (born John James c.1782) graduated from Williams College in 1996. He then disappeared. At that time, he was about 5 foot something, with dirty blond hair? Can a guy even have dirty blonde hair? Yes, is the answer. Anyway, he can be attracted with Radiohead, unearthed by Blur or revealed by Nirvana. That or any movie with Keanu Reeves or just mention Big Trouble In Litte China. According to our experts, by now he probably looks something like this. He will certainly be wearing blue jeans and a thick long-sleeved shirt, probably with horizontal stripes. He will be wearing those indoor soccer shoes, you know the ones, or sandals, weather permitting. He will accept nothing—at face value. He will deny nothing—if you ask him. Approach with caution. He's got a gun.

P.S. Everything good I ever write is for Tyler Sage.

Status: Found!

Rewards: Pending

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