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From: J
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2002 4:59 PM

...I just had my 10th high school reunion in Houston and
was dead sure you were someone from my class until I
started looking at the clues.

You're very nearly anonymous though, compared to most
people. I gather you went to school in Massachusetts?
That's a trek from Houston. I went to Tulane for
Architecture and have been working for four years, just
got licensed. (very relieved; it's such a haul) Are you a

No need to send a DVD; we've got too many anyway
but thanks for the sincere offer. Maybe I'm way out
in left field somewhere, but from the looks of the
page on me, we had some sort of 'thing' and I just
have to say only ever wore those sorts of hats on very
special occasions. Teenage indiscretion is behind me,
I hope. Whatever the hell you're actually talking
about, I'm sure we had fun. My memory is terrible,
but don't divulge I don't want to know. You could
give me more general information though; maybe I'll
figure it out.

I'm married and happy, and glad though it's been a
struggle at times that I chose an appropriate profession.

So what's up your alley?


Time since lost: approximately 11 years
Time to contact: approximately 6 months

Date/Time of Posting: Dec 07 2002 / 16:46:40
IP Address:

Liz Hammond and someone's looking for me.
Hair is still red, I'm back in San Francisco.
My dad is still an English professor- works on Edgar Allan Poe.
Who is it that cares where I am?

Time since lost: approximately 7 years
Time to contact: approximately 3 months

Date/Time of Posting: Jan 01 2004 / 16:29:13
IP Address:

my name happens to be smith glover and you have usurped it. you should find someone else's name to use to draw attention to yourself. Does the fact that I did a Google search of myself (which is how I found this) mean that I am stil a Work in Progress (WOP)?

Time since lost: approximately 5 years
Time to contact: approximately 6 months

From: BL
Date: Friday, February 27, 2004 2:57 AM

..."Duck Woman Lives!" "Entire Hollywood Area and Part of Beverly Hills Falls Into Giant Sink-hole!" I think you should create a newsletter section of your website with fun fantasy headlines like those mentioned here.

So what's up Willard? I noticed your site some time ago, but couldn't find the contact info to say hello. I probably subconsciously avoid anything that resembles the Williams Review's "what everyone's doing" section. No offense... I know that's not what you're up to.

Well shit, where the hell are you? I am currently living in West Hollywood of all the damned places. I like yer website from what I've seen.


PS... I used to call you "Willard," didn't I? Those drunken days are quite dimm....

Time since lost: approximately 8 years
Time to contact: approximately 3 years

From: EFC
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 4:57 PM

what the hell is monkala?

This email message and any attachments are confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, please immediately reply to the sender and delete the message from your email system. Thank you.

Time since lost: approximately 8 years
Time to contact: approximately 4 years
Huge side story to this: i actually became good friends with
the wrong erin casey!!! in the meanwhile.

From: EL
Date: Sunday, November 13, 2005 3:08 PM

can you do me a favor and take that thing about me off your web page?
thank you

Time since breakup: about 5 years
Time until request made: about 5 years

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