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David K Lee is a skinny, light brown colored Malaysian, who answers to the name of Dave. He was kicked out of Williams College for his repeated use of music to seduce female faculty members. His victims ranged from assistant professors in English to visiting scholars in Art History, right up to full professors of Biochemistry, Romance Languages (easy) and Religious Studies (that was a coup). Why, not even assistant deans were off limits. It was ridiculous. Eventually, the heat was too hot, and the school decided to transfer him to Dartmouth, where that sort of behavior is expected.

He will be seen wearing kahki pants and some solid color shirt, like burgundy or olive. He will be tooling around with a camera weighing half as much as himself and telling everyone that gets in his way to pay the fuck attention. If you attempt to cook anything for him, he will promptly eat it and then tell you one should let the ingredients speak more for themselves. It is best to not even get him started on pineapple. If you see Dave, please give him one in the knee cap. Tell him it's "from a friend."

Status: Found

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