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The man who would destroy television.

Interestingly enough, all these shows start as radio plays. "We don't have a show until we are satisfied with how it sounds, which is just like animation. You record the track, cut it from an audio standpoint and then place the footage that makes sense around that audio," says Lazzo.

So was I once myself a swinger of birches. And so I dream of going back to be. Itís when Iím weary of considerations, And life is too much like a pathless wood Where your face burns and tickles with the cobwebs Broken across it, and one eye is weeping From a twigís having lashed across it open. Iíd like to get away from earth awhile And then come back to it and begin over. May no fate willfully misunderstand me And half grant what I wish and snatch me away Not to return. Earthís the right place for love: I donít know where itís likely to go better. Iíd like to go by climbing a birch tree, And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk
Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more, But dipped its top and set me down again. That would be good both going and coming back. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.

Did You Know?
Mike Lazzo once changed the tire on his car, and then changed it back.

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