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have to talk

M, we have to talk. Now. It's about Neal. And everyone else in New York for that matter.

The Goat chewed up, Once a tin can. The Goat shat out, was a Ford Sedan. Like an eyeball. Like a square cut. Like a funny car. Like a monster truck. Call up bop and I'm bunting stomach, Koko mop I chop chunking plummet, Thud on top, I ate the chocodile. And ever since then, I got disseminated, The Jupiter Moon, I got disseminated, The Average Man, I got disseminated, It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Toots Hibbert, At the wrong prom. Serves a beat down, On a tom tom. Like Genius. Like Joseph Like Nirvana.

Did You Know?
M. Doughty has been extremely delinquent about responding to this page.

Status: Will Be Found (come hell)

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