The Original List

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List of people lamenting that everything has already been said and done before:
Research Scientist, San Francisco, December 10, 2001
While giving a talk on unbelievably small particles.

Jon LeBlue, Boise, March 22, 1999
Talking with friends.

Jon LeBlue, Boise, March 12, 1999
Talking with friends, ten days prior.

Sociology Professor, Wellesley College September 3, 1996 or 7 (not sure)
During sociology class.

Joe Fitzwater and Sarah Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles, August 2, 1996
Discussing complicated plot twist while working on season finale of Barney.

Franchesco Bugatti, Rome, February 13, 1995 (In Italian)
Trying to come up with a new flavor of gelato.

Jens Jensen, Stuttgart, October 14, 1994
Discussing idea for a new model Porsche.

Note: This is the only tribute to Vincent Van Go on the internet

Note: This is the only tribute to Lynne Ramsay on the internet

Howard Stern Sues ABC Over 'Are You Hot?'
(AP) - Shock jock Howard Stern sued ABC and the producers of the reality series "Are You Hot?" claiming the show is based on his ideas that aired on his radio program and it ruined his chances for his own TV deal. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Superior Court, accuses the network of copying the "unique aspects" of a Stern radio segment in which members of his crew and guests evaluate the bodies of in-studio contestants. 3/14/03