Oh my god, here we go again.

Leave it to our media to now get swept up in this whole Johnny Walker Red case. I mean, now thereís going to be unceasing press for this story. Should we really be wasting our time obssessing about this one fermented young half-pint who got inadvertently distilled into the Taliban movement? I mean, Iím sure itís all very intoxicating for psychology and religion majors, but shouldnít we be focusing on other priorities right now, like shopping. Or wait, let me guess. Itís a chance to hold up our legal system, so we can gain more understanding of how it works? And then forget it a week later, to make room for the ins and outs of the medical profession, firefighting, police brutality, the undisclosed rift, it just disclosed, online dating is in, now itís out, now itís back in. Itís called wasting out time. And the media is just so good at it. And besides do we really need another constitutional crisis just yet? Didnít we get enough impeachment and cream last year? Have a Snickers man. But get off it, and letís get serious here. On the other hand, at least it should distract John Ashcroft a bit from his ongoing campaign against common sense. 12/01