10/19/02 Modern Library of Alexandria opens in Egypt (Yahoo News)
Never mind if Egypt has the largest economy in the region. Nevermind exactly how much they're spending on this library or whether it even has more books than a Barnes and Noble. For the sake of an argument, letís say it does. The point is great accomplishments aren't based on GNP or status as a world superpower. Wonders of the world are built by imagination, spirit, and the desire to produce something greater. By re-enacting this part of ancient history, the modern Egyptian community proves themselves to be great. Americans may spend more money laying down more square foot of plaster than anyone else except the Chinese. But look what we build. Mostly crap, generally crap and pretty much crap. Our nation's most worthwhile achievement in the last twenty years has been Law and Order and The Cartoon Network. While America pours billions of dollars into national missile defense, Egypt sets out to rebuild the greatest library on Earth. Egyptís actions raise the question of whether this sort of thing is simply in oneís blood. Our blood is more British Imperialism with a twist of stay at home and order in.

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