the five things i can't live without. my cameras, a drink, rock and roll music, new personal discoveries.

The five things I can live without. your hat, your—wait—what exactly is that on your face, your new personal discoveries. How many is that? I think we're done here.

More about who I'm looking for: "Someone who doesn't say things like 'Let's dance the dance of love and life.'"

“Someone who doesn’t put a personal on” Also why is this guy wearing a bra?

If I could be anywhere at the moment: "I would be in Melbourne, Australia drinking a Soy Latte on Brunswick street."

I'm not stopping you. For 'relationship status', she has answered 'in a relationship'. What is going on here?

"I want someone with whom I can be totally irresponsible—new friends kick ass."

Translation: It takes new people about two days to figure out I’m a freak.
1st things 1st...I have a Girlfriend1....I'm looking for someone cool to talk to and possible hang with and that's about it. I've been told that I'm a 'woman's man' rather than a 'man's man'. And although I was's kinda true, I think I relate to women better. I also relate to free thinkers and people that can cut loose and let it all hang out...i want someone with whom i can be totally friends kick ass

1 correction: had a girlfriend.

More about who I'm looking for: "A master of Thai massage wouldn't be bad, but not requisite."

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm a fun-loving, safe, discreet, down-to-earth guy who's been in a few threesomes and enjoyed it.

What can I possibly
                    to that.

In my bedroom, you'll find: my clothes, usually on the floor, my dog, my tv and my stereo


Myth: I’m going to meet someone this way.
Fact: I’m providing quality entertainment for thousands of Americans.

Fact: Eighty percent of people have their friends help them answer the questions.
Question: To the other twenty percent, what the !#&@% are you thinking?

Myth: Reading Nerve personals is nothing like watching Fear Factor.
Myth: Reading Nerve personals is almost like dating.
Myth: If everyone does this then it’s not pathetic.

The Nerve...

Rest Stop
by Glenn Glasser

Confronted with these phenomenally sexy photos of a phenomenally sexy couple going at it in a car with abandon and cowboy boots, the first thing I ask photographer Glenn Glasser is, "What kind of car is that?" (I suppose that shows where my mind is.)

And I think: “Dude, what happened to her pussy? How did it shift over to the left like that?” And, “Wait—How can the article be written by Glenn Glasser if it's asking Glenn Glasser, ‘What kind of car is that?’ I’m confused. Is this postmodern? But how cool are you? —thinking about the car and not the sex. That’s so cool. You’re so fucking cool. God damn. Oh, so anyway what kind of car is it?

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