This is was is another band in which the keyboardist can could can really bring it. When I learned of Mary Hansen's accidental death, I just shook my head and thought how typical. This always happens. They're always taken away. Then some time later, I was listening to 'Nothing To Do With Me' from Sound Dust. I was singing along with it. And suddenly I stopped. Silence. All I could think of was, 'Fuck!' Not why, just 'Fuck!' More silence.
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (1995)
Track 3 - glides through real smooth and repetitive.
Track 5 - reminds me of King Crimson. Maybe it's the somewhat epic feel, or maybe it's the use of the plural "we" as in "we thought you were sensational."
Emperor Tomato Ketchup (1996)
Most conventional of the albums mentioned here, I think. Several groovy lounge type tunes. Lots of French vocals. I love to listen to it because it makes me feel like a woman.

Track 6 - unchallenged? me - great song
Track 9 - good - time doesn't wait?
Track 15 - really sweet humming supporting vocals and a very catchy little rhythm produced by the synthesizer set on harpsichord3, no doubt.
Dots And Loops (1997)
Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night (1999)
Track 14 - The Emergency Hisses
Track 15 - Come and Play in the Milky Night. About 4 minutes of the most hypnotic melodic lounge music I've ever experienced.
The First of the Microbe Hunters (2000)
Good album. Great phrase. I put it on a T-shirt.
Sound Dust (2001)
May be their best album yet, which is, again, why I thought 'fuck.' This album rolls on. Every track is fantastic.

Track 10 - Nothing To Do With Me
Track 12 - Les Bons Bons De Raison

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