The Pixies

by Kate
But the show was good. Better than I'd have reasonably expected. They'd already had time to get their shit together after so long. Kim Deal very cute; grinned the whole time. She's gained some weight & has short hair -- looks like a chubby little 1/2 chinese lesbian. Voice still sweet as sugar; although something was wrong with the sound -- it didn't seem balanced right. She was drowned [sic] sometimes by the music. But it's hard, handling her voice. I read somewhere that she produced Breeders' stuff extra carefully -- and it's true that in that band's music, her voice comes in with lots of quiet behind it. Easy to hear.

Evidently this tour is all about making money. I'm totally down with that. Especially since they appear to be giving us what we want: the songs we love, played right. How often does it happen that a band does a reunion tour and they play the old songs badly, and give you a bunch of new, unfamiliar stuff that hasn't had time to grow on you yet? Or worse, is just bad.

They played good, and were believable.

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