An Email About Goldfrapp, Strict Machine, Sonic Youth, Scroobius and More...

...all of Goldfrapp wants you! No that's the US Army. They want you. First they have to fend off the monkeys, though. And actually, the rest of Goldfrapp is not quite as good as Strict Machine. Just warning you, it gets more pop, and a little less bawdy & fun. But they do have some other good songs.

The Sonic Youth song is from when we were at Williams or earlier (I'd have to fact check and no time tonight)? Since they were around in the 70s 80s and very very very influential I SAY they are allowed to sound like they're ripping off their own heritage. Maybe.

You Say Party We Say Die are so much fun. But they're part of a whole movement going on now. I had to limit my modernized Gogo's style selections on this mix to keep the flow of tracks going forward (too many of one genre never seems to work for uptempo mixes, I say). I think you might also like The Sounds, CSS, Damone and The Donnas, who are all also post-Gogos rockers, but representing different styles of the Gogos / also Blondie.

I'm curious to see if Scroobius comes up with anything half as good, or else goes the way of The Streets, which seems like the way of most bands, a sophomore fizzle.

I'm so glad you're listening to / liking that!