Mighty Sparrow

Don't Go Joe

The Yankees came and went
And broke the heart of my kid sister Millicent
The Yankee man came and went
And broke the heart of my kid sister Millicent
I paid no heed to what she spoke of
Not knowing she was so much in love
But when he tell she good bye
She kneel down and start to cry

Don't go Joe, don't go
You wouldn't know but how love you so
And when you're gone doo doo
I can't go on without you
So Don't go Joe, don't go

He look like a decent guy
Milly doo doo darling don't cry
Wiping her tears away
Baby listen what I have to say
You know we had to part some day
Because I got me wife in the U.S.A.
But all the talk was in vain
Milly started crying again

You know Yankee love their sport
Every soldier got a girl in a different port
You could imagine how I surprise
To see tears in the soldier eyes
Soldiers and sailors don't cry
So I know the girl getting mamma guy
Instead of looking for cash
She so stupid, she tell the Yankee to hush

The girl have nothing to eat
She belly big I does shame for she in the street
Like love talk is all she know
She aint' talk like that she can't talk about dough
But when he gone is then Milly show me
A big fat wallet with plenty money
Say he brain ain't bigger then mine
I was crying but I pick his pocket same time

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