And actually, it only occurred to me very, very recently that I could probably now look up all the C. Twins lyrics that have been dogging me ever since I was a virgin.  I just played the favorite -- the anthem of all CT songs, put on a tape for me by JAY TOBLER (just sent you the snippet) in Winamp to see if I could remember what I used to think that one line was (about Rodney), and although my hands were sort of itching to get on a browser and google that shit, my heart wouldn't let them.  I find I am forced by my own innards to NOT look up the Twins' real lyrics to that song, because, among other things, I thought Rodney was important -- a minor god in my teen pantheon -- and because I actually do think something bad would happen if I try to recut old grooves in my brain.  Melting, perhaps, of the vinyl?  You think we don't have vinyl in our brains


That reminds me, though, of a perfume I loved when I was about 14, and you'll love the reason I loved it.  It was called "Ruffles" (swear on bibles) and it smelled EXACTLY LIKE A RECORD STORE.  B.C., that is.  Like the records themselves -- the record plastic -- and the ink on the album cover, and the cellophane on the new ones. 


P.S. I don't think they meant it to smell like that.