he's gettin ready to say he don't love you.

Billís Opinion On My Opinion of Billís Opion On The Fiery Furnaces

to Me

Hey, thatís funny, putting my comments up -- but I donít mind.

Now, really, you shouldnít go to any trouble with putting MP3s, etc, up -- though obviously itís enjoyable for you. And I wouldnít mind just having a quick listen to these bands, to see if I like them before going out and buying.

I did indeed buy a Blonde Redhead album the other day. Not sure which one (itís not handy next to me at the moment), but I chose the earliest one the store had -- itís from 97 I think. So if I like it I can go in chronological order. Havenít played it yet.

Iíve been spinning new Peter Bjorn and John album. I found their single "Letís call the whole thing off" intriguing hearing it on the radio, so bought the album. I do like indie pop/rock, but sometimes I think itís just not "enough" in a way, kinda surface, it can let me down. Like Delgados last album (from í04), the only one of theirs I have -- itís enjoyable, but I can also just put it away and not care. Peter Bjorn and John has 4 or 5 really wonderful tracks on it, and the rest are filler. Itís the reason Iíve avoided Belle & Sebastian, because I think that I may enjoy them but ultimately theyíll let me down, by being too twee or superficial, etc.

Anyway, itís all good fun -- I do love my music, itís good to relax with it.