ok. stop deerhoof worshipping.

and accusing me of not liking them.

i like them enough. just not awfully, and enough to preach about their
virtues unto my flock.

i don't turn to them for a good little melody, or even tale. i don't turn to
them for beauty. i turn to deerhoof to be interested and occasionally
ennervated and then relieved. their music has that effect for me-- there is
some annoyance  created that leads to a solution and cessation of the

a lot of free jazz does this. something is presented in a deliberately
unresolved form for the specific purpose of being resolved later, sonically.
in film, maybe this is like starting a scene with sound and a deep shadow so
you can shed some light and clarify the context of that sound later?

as far as pushing the limits of rock, and testing new waters in prog-rock,
and being jazz nerdy with their drumming, and asia-philes with their
aesthetic & c. & c. deerhoof is just fine.

but really? i secretly think they are so nerdy as to be trying too hard and
oblivious to the fact that they're trying too hard is showing. they're
overanalytical. they're wasting my time. they don't give a shit about the
song. everything's a biiiiiig concept. i like the work to be both songs. and
tie together as a concept.

so sue me.

and don't reprint this.