What Should You Do?

I think you should buy the Hungarian Folk album May I Kiss Your Hand from the string group Csokolom. Seriously, this is great music. Csokolom is like a more hip Kronos Quartet. Itís sort of like a cross between Gypsy folk/fiddle music and Bach and Bartok and other stuff (I am stupid). One thing they do really well is to sneak in a lot of extra notes throughout their melodies, which stimulates me. And they also do the cool thing where they lead up to a note and then drop it, leaving my imagination to fill in the blank. Their composition also includes a lot of pleasant surprises, a lot of twisting and turning on your melodic expectations. Her playing is aggressive and bold, raw and genuine. It is better to blow a dunk than to never have dunked at all. Seriously, why not freeze your habitual alt rock purchasing pattern and check out some of these undiscovered treasures. Start with Csokolom.

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