• Blur (1997)
    This album is excellent.

  • 13. (1999)
    This recording continues to build on the excellence of their previous album excelling on the slow, fast and weird fronts. As expected, Blur cranks out several more excited and catchy rhythms. This is British Pop on Power Bars. This is what Oasis wishes they could be. They say that music sooths the savage beast. Well, Blur incites the savage beast and sooths it on the following track. Their splendid melancholy is enabled by Blur's excellent keyboardist, who is excellent. And what about the vocals, which can sometimes recall the depth if not range of a David Bowie. Finally, the album has some incredibly hypnotizing tracks, especially the last one called Optigan 1, which is the exact music that the young boy in Joyce's 'Araby' would have heard as he paced through the carnival looking for something to buy.

  • Think Tank (1999)
    Haven't had a lot of time to digest this yet. I'm reluctant to say if I see a lot of musical development per se, but there seem to be about 4-5 immediately interesting tracks here.

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