“I am a complete twat.” — David Denby

Blonde Redhead

by Will Manuel

What if Jon Anderson and Byork got together and made a band, that was produced by German artist Kai Althoff? Yes, well, then they would sound an awful lot like Blonde Redhead. Okay, that's stupid. What if two Italian twin brothers could get together with some Japanese art chick and make a band called Blonde Redhead. Okay, now that would totally sound like Blonde Redhead.

Bonus thought: Do the vocals in ‘Pink Love’ not remind of ‘Hotel California’?

Bonus thought: Blonde Redhead is also very Basquiat-like in the way they throw down a melody and then just cross it out and redo it five seconds later. The way they work and rework their thoughts right in front of you, showing all, and somehow all of these fits and starts seem to fit nicely into the overall body of the work. “I like this Duke.”

do you listen to Blonde Redhead? because it occurs to me that if you don't, you might like them. or you *should* like them, as you would say.


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