I am inclined to agree with you on that point. It certainly is genius, but there are plenty of avenues for analysis and dissection. I think there is much open to inrterpretation because of sparseness (like the Buddhist ink painters who would just spill ink on the paper and you could see all kind of beauty). I was able to latch onto the theme of collaboration, co-conspiracy. The little blonde kid whose loyalty was questioned was shown prominently waving the flag of revolt (or jolly roger?) later on. Theme echoed by the young monitor whose allegiance was also an issue. There is so much that is expressed through nonverbal means, like Chaplin, Tati. There is a poetic timing, like with Tarkovsky Mirror. I watched the Truffaut interview and I agree with him completely. That the film walks a fine line of being in danger of unraveling but somehow maintaining its balance, if only just.

I also think it's a great question Truffaut supposes as to how much of the legend comes from Vigo being cut short. This questions are generally only asked about great artists and it goes outside the realm of film. I'm just astonished (and not) at how obscure the works are even now. I knew about it, but was just waiting for the right time. I hope more people will rediscover these works.

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