Great music. Lots of good old-fashioned cutting. The story unfolds like an alpha romeo driving down mountain switchbacks. Frantic, shifting, suspenseful and compelling. It reminds me of so many things which itís clearly not. I almost donít want to say it, but I think of a late Hitchock or a Technicolor Paths of Glory with a Greek soundtrack. Oooh, weird. Special props for showing the human side of political activism in terms of the manís grieving wife. A sensitivity, for example, that BuŮuel would have blown off. Course it did seem a little out of pace with the rest of the film (but so to is the pain of Medea, a little out of nowhere, in Pasoliniís strange effort). Props also for showing the journalism angle. Great film verging on a good film. Caught between too good to just rent and not good enough to buy on DVD. Have a friend burn it for you on DVD. Thatís the thing to do in this kind of delicate matter.

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