The Usual Story

Aging Hollywood starlet hopes to re-assert sex symbol status by revealing as much skin as her first film some thirty years earlier. The movie is, of course, a piece of shit. The mildly witty movie review begins something like:
Much ink has already been spilled over [SOME DIRECTOR'S] [BAD MOVIE], specifically in regard to its star, [Starlet], whose performance critics and other scribblers have labeled a "departure." But unless by "departure" they mean "from her clothes," I find the hullabaloo a little perplexing.
Then follows the inevitable comment on the cinematography:
There is one bright spot to be found in the whole endeavor, however, and that is the work of cinematographer [WHOEVER], previously of [WHATEVER], whose use of blurs and deep colors is beautiful to behold. [BAD MOVIE] is a rich visual spectacle, smartly assembled in the lenses, and it's too bad that what most of those lenses are aimed at is a mess. (Source)
Which is a huge point, because God, I can't even remember the last time I saw good cinematography, except for every other film I've ever seen.

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