one possible path
A young man is troubled by his (lack of) sex life as well as feelings of not getting enough recognition in the workplace. So he writes nasty film criticism to help work out his feelings and relieve some of his creative tensions. He shows them to his supervisor.

[cut to swimming pool review]

Twelve months of intense psychoanalysis with the option of behavioral therapy is ‘offered’.

Twelve months later:

[cut to either a review of Swimming Pool which is happy? ‘Oh Glorious Pool!’ Or perhaps a review, which is not so much a review, but a list of reasonable comments on everything from the film to current trends in bankruptcy law and even a nod to more funding for domestic child rearing. I can see what the director was trying to do with his “dishwasher sequence.” I give him credit for bringing these issues to the forefront. It must have been hard for her, being there all alone, today’s modern society, accoutrements, what with table tennis everywhere, and such.