Bergman always an intellectual time
Bibi Andersson always hot as shit (I mean I dont generally get excited about a lot of white women, but my God.)
Seventh Seal great. Has flashes of Andrei Rublev. When he tries to acquire that girl as the housekeeper reminds of when Rublev tries to acquire/possess that crazy mute girl for a time. [post-meal whisp of a sigh, full-belly, possibly even tugging on own suspenders voice] Yeah, Bergman really is great.[/end voice] [shifting to same situation, but now in a western] Yeeeup, I reckon I should probably get that Scenes from a Marriage box set everyone keeps talking 'bout.[/end voice] [hangover about to show itself voice] God Im going to have to start working again (in order to pay for all [these box sets]).

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