youíre allowed to be wrong sometimes, thatís ok

On 1/13/07, Cold Bacon wrote:


the river is good. i donít criticizal of his filmmaking style. itís very good. and slow. and mediatative. and contemplative. and lyrical.


the way he has the guy with the neck injury suffer and suffer etc


is very well done. and empthaticizical


my only complain is that i think the father-son "accidental" sex too unrealistic. now iím no one to harp on "total realism" in plots. itís fine to have unmathematimatique


itís just that it was not in keeping with THE REST of the TONE of the film. falling water. failed medicine.


thatís my complain. the tonal break. too heavy-handed


but i donít discount the whole film or anythign.